Mental Health America

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Roundtable Discussion Series

Thursdays 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1116 South Hull Street Montgomery Alabama 36104

Oct. 27, 2011         Resources for Caregivers of our New Generation of

                               Veterans - Joy Germanos, LCSW, PIP

Dec.   1, 2011         Emotional Manipulation by Client

                               and Family Members - Judy Johnson, LCSW, PIP

Jan.  26, 2012        Communication Considerations for Caregivers

                               of Older Adults - Arlene Morris, EdD

Feb.  16, 2012        Malingering Factitious Disorder

                                David Harwood, MD. 

Mar. 29, 2012         Psychological Development:  Where are Your Clients?

                                Debbie Dorris, LPC

Apr. 26, 2012         Transitions:  Understanding the Impact on Adoptive

                                & Foster Children - Ashata Kai Mumpfield, LGSW

May 31, 2012         How Addiction Effects the Family, Economy

                                & Community - Tawanna Morton, MS

Jun. 28, 2012         Youth Suicide Education and Prevention

                               Brent Crosby, MS, QMRP

Jul. 19,   2012         Stigma of Mental Illness

                                Chris Locke, PhD                                                  

Aug. 30, 2012         Tourette Syndrome

                                Jane Nichols, LCSW, PIP

Sep.   27, 2012          

                                Psychotherapy and the Elderly

                                 Mary Mabson, LPC

Those Desiring Lunch Should Plan On “Brown Bagging” It For This Event.

Free Continuing Education Credits Are Offered For Nurses, Counselors, And Social Workers. This Program Is Co-Sponsered By The Alabama Department Of Mental Health and Mental Health America In Montgomery. For More Information Or Special Accomodations, Call 334-262-5500.